Reiki Training and Treatments

What is Reiki?

With Bernd Monecke

 Reiki is the strength of the heart, and of love.

Reiki is the ability to activate, direct, and apply cosmic vital energy in the required situations to create an energy balance and promote healing.

In this sense, Reiki supplements all healing procedures in the physical, mental and spiritual sphere.

Reiki is a path of silence, of meditation.

Change takes place when the inner flow of energy is given space, without activity, without will. It is then that we can approach the core of the being, inside and around ourselves. In the holistic sense, Reiki has a positive and strengthening effect on both giving and receiving.

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The effects of the power of Reiki

In a Reiki treatment, the following mutually supportive effects can arise:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Acute and chronic body symptoms may improve
  • Dissolving of energetic and physical blockages
  • Mental and emotional clarification
  • Clarification and deeper contact with one's own feelings
  • Nourishing the energy of life
  • Sensitivity to sensory perceptions
  • Detoxification

Bernd Monecke – My experiences with Reiki

Since 1995, I have been working with Reiki. The gentle power of Reiki has been supporting me since then, in my work as a healing practitioner, Reiki teacher, Shiatsu teacher, and Qi Gong teacher.
As a Reiki teacher, since 1998, I have given courses in Reiki in the Usui-System, from beginner level to teacher-training level.
I teach and practice in the beautiful rooms of the Bamboo Garden Practice.

What personally motivated me to deepen my focus on Reiki is the simplicity and clarity, the tender power that this path can provide.

The world presents itself as a mirror of ourselves. If we accept what is, honestly and with open heart, change can happen.
When we allow a channel for Reiki to function, the energy of life can work through us.

Doing from non-doing.

Reiki becomes an attitude to life, which influences me in my everyday life, in my courses and in my treatments.

Reiki Training

The Reiki system, which is derived from the Usui method, consists of four consecutive grades:

Reiki, Grade 1

  • Inauguration into the first degree
  • Self-treatment
  • Treatment of others
  • Inner and outer posture
  • The five ways of life
  • Chakra work
  • Inner-child work
  • Clarification of anger and anxiety
  • Meditation and Qi Gong
  • Readings
  • Individual coaching

Reiki, Grade 2

  • Inauguration into the 2nd degree
  • Enhancing the strength of Reiki through the three Reiki symbols
  • Remote treatment
  • Mental treatments
  • The application of Mantras
  • Energetic cleaning and Qi Gong
  • Readings
  • Inner-child work
  • Clarification of emotions
  • Individual coaching
  • The application of affirmations

Reiki, Grade 3 (Master’s grade)

  • Inauguration into the Master’s grade
  • Integrating inner mastery into the everyday
  • Recording the contacts of other masters
  • Contacting other master-level practitioners
  • Treatment with master energies
  • Enacting the practice of Doing from Non-Doing
  • Qi Gong and dream travels
  • Deepening of inner-child work
  • Clarification of emotions
  • Individual coaching
  • Readings

Reiki, Grade 4 (Teacher-level grade)

  • Inauguration into the teacher-level grade
  • The knowledge and practice to initiate others
  • The way to Reiki teacher
  • Teaching training / Supervision / Coaching
  • Support in self-employment
  • Provision of all teaching materials for all grades
  • Mediation of the most important exercises and methods that I teach
  • Individual coaching for your own teaching style
  • Teacher training covers five dates, over a period of several weeks to several months
  • Individual coaching
  • Readings

Information, costs, and dates

All Reiki initiation takes place in small groups, or by arrangement, according to personal availability. I offer a free and individual overview consultation for each individual grade. Also, students of other Reiki teachers are welcome to enter training with me.

Reiki courses are also available in other cities on request.

Seminar costs:
Grade 1: 180 €
Grade 2: 280 €
Grade 3 (Master’s grade): 380 €
Grade 4 (Teacher-level grade): 880 €

Reiki practice evenings, grade 1-4
Every fourth Thursday of the month, 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm
Cost: 15 €
Location: Bamboo Garden Practice
Cross-borderers are welcome

Reiki treatments:
by arrangement, by telephone

Reiki treatments can also be combined with shiatsu. A diagnosis is then also included.

Information and registration:
Bernd Monecke
Phone: 030 - 47 37 46 68
Mobile: 0177 - 27 27 627
E-mail: bbambuspraxisde