Patient Testimonials / Feedbacks

  • Judith, Berlin

    From the first moment, Bernd was focused, attentive, and warm, when I came to him with acute sciatica. I value his wealth of ideas, ranging from classical TCM to homeopathy to behavioral advice. The calmness and empathy that I enjoyed with him, in his beautiful rooms, strengthened me in a physical and mental crisis.
    Thank you, dear Bernd.

  • Sophie K., Berlin

    I felt generally very comfortable in this practice, which is so wonderfully-located in a two-storey garden house in this little courtyard. It was very quiet and inviting, and the treatment was very sensitive and effective for me. I attended the practice a few times for acupuncture and Reiki, which immediately brought great ease and relief. Mr. Monecke has also guided me through a journey with the inner child, which has helped to touch and solve very deep traumatic feelings. All in all, I find it very good there and will gladly come again.

  • Marlies, Berlin

    I came to Bernd with various chronic health problems (infections, bronchial asthma, tinnitus, etc.) and I wanted, in particular, to strengthen my immune system, and stop having to use cortisone preparations. Bernd was very focused on the specifics of my individual situation. In addition to the detailed examination, patients also received nutritional advice which, if you stick to it consistently, also really works. Bernd has a lot of experience, and offers versatile healing approaches. Of particular interest, for me, was the approach of using TCM. I always enjoyed acupuncture. You should try out soul-body fusion — that worked great with me!
    If you have long-standing chronic complaints, but you are willing to be patient, then it is worth it! After approximately a year, I am now almost complaint-free, and also away from my cortisone. All in all, a great practice, and a natural healer with decades of experience, who knows what he is doing. Anyone looking for alternatives to standard medicine is in the right place here!

  • Judith K., Zelienople, United States

    The initial consultation was over 2 hours, in the course of which my current physical and mental condition was intensively assessed, according to traditional Chinese medicine. With parallel treatment methods including TCM, acupuncture and Reiki, treatments are performed according to the client’s wishes. This also includes nutritional advice and discussions about the general progress of my health. I am now more than two months in treatment, and more than satisfied. Unconscious symptoms, which have previously occurred to me
    as everyday suffering, are already better or completely gone. My zest for life has improved, all-round!

  • Friederike S., Berlin

    I can recommend this practice without restrictions. Bernd helped me a lot, in the case of problems of both physical and psychical nature. He manages this through his holistic approach. :) He is a very empathetic and honest person who can convey a sense of security in his beautiful practice. It's always a nice feeling to arrive there. Thank you, Bernd!

  • Stefan H., Berlin

    Bernd is a healer, in all his heart and soul! I came back to visit him in his practice after a long time away, and always felt very well-supported and well-cared-for. He takes his time in conversation, and in treatment, and I always had the feeling that he is very much ‘present’ until we are done. In particular, Soul-Body Fusion and Shiatsu helped me greatly with physical and psychological ailments, and it helped me to ‘revitalize’ my body.
    Acupuncture also helped me very much, and gave me clear relief from back problems, which was already very impressive. I also found his readings very clear and to the point — they helped me greatly, and each time, I left the practice with fresh courage and confidence. The practice itself is very nicely designed and very quiet. It is small, but with enough space for everything. Some others had mentioned potential problems with a lack of privacy, but this was not the case for me — I could not overhear anything while I was in the waiting room. Bernd is always fully present, and you can see that the healing process of his clients is of deep concern to him. He combines a very extensive professional experience (many training courses) with a very uncomplicated and loving approach.

  • Edwin S., Berlin

    I have to thank Bernd for the essential health improvements that I have observed in the last 18 months. What I particularly value in him is the wide range of methods he has mastered, his ability to customize these individually and to mix them skillfully, and his flexible way of dealing with people. As a designer I also like his small but beautiful practice, created with love and a fine sense for details. :)

  • Wiebke T., Berlin

    In December 2011, I experienced my inauguration into the first grade of Reiki with Bernd. And I can warmly recommend this to all Reiki enthusiasts! Bernd has a very kind and loving way of communicating his knowledge and the tradition of Reiki, of getting people involved, and of guiding the group (we were four) through the day with ease. There is also a script and a CD that Bernd and his colleagues have developed and crafted, so that I could easily integrate what I had learned later by myself, at home.

    In addition, the initiation involves two practice evenings, and a later supervision appointment. A truly wonderful way to experience my own energy, through the energy of Reiki, and to allow it to flow into my life and every cell of my being! With both feet firmly on the ground, and head slightly in the clouds, I thank Bernd and the group for this great experience!

  • Timur D., Berlin

    Bernd helped me a lot! In less than a year, I was able not just to restore my health, but also to improve in all my personally ‘urgent’ life questions, together with him. He is an expert on TCM and acupuncture. At the same time, although one might not expect it at first glance, he is open and experienced, lively, and full of wit and humour, while having a clear and profound commitment to his work. The place of treatment is also very special. It is very quiet, calm, and clear, with Chinese Feng Shui elements — an oasis of silence in Prenzlauer Berg. Acupuncture is safe and skillful with him. He is unhurried, and takes time for regular exchanges at the beginning of the treatments, which helps to lead you even deeper to yourself. I recommend him for chronic diseases, and for psychosomatic treatments, but also for those who want to go deeper into their own spiritual processes, or who feel that they are at the time where they need the right "fine-tuning" for body and soul.

  • Alexander C., Berlin

    A lovely, calm practice. I was able to properly relax — a few times I almost fell asleep! At the end of each session, I sat down briefly in the bamboo garden in front of the practice, and felt in harmony with myself. Not only were the conversations with Bernd very good for me, but of course also the acupuncture and Reiki were very helpful.